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My Locations 

* Diss (Norfolk): I offer the choice of individual sessions and a weekly personal development group

- both are for people to attend regularly and to bring their personal issues

- people attend from Diss and the surrounding villages


* Norwich: I offer one-day Saturday workshops in central Norwich to experience being in a therapy group

- I call them the 'Saturday Psychodrama workshops'

- people attend from throughout Norfolk and Suffolk


My Style

* My speciality is providing psychotherapy in a group context

* I spend a lot of time building up a sense of trust ... that makes the group safe and confidential

* My style is to encourage the group until the members feel their confidence grow

* Quite soon, the members actively support each other ... making each session a place to want to be


Benefits that People take with them

* Greater confidence and self-worth, often from expressing themselves in the group

* Improved relationships, often from practising relating to others in the group


My Experience

* I have 12 years’ post-qualification experience as a psychotherapist

* During 2003-2005, I ran a weekly therapy group in an NHS hospital as a key part of my training

* I became fully qualified and UKCP-registered in 2006

* Since 2006, I have been running weekly therapy groups and day workshops

* These groups have welcomed and helped people with a wide range of conditions from low self-esteem to bi-polar behaviour to severe anxiety



Richard Oliver  Tel: 07956 418 601

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